Hair Growth

DermaPen & PRP to Stimulate Hair Growth

This new technique involves intradermal injection of growth factors, active proteins produced by human cells that are found in greater proportions in platelets. It is a protein complex derived from platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient by blood collection and subsequent centrifugation. Subsequent to obtaining the PRP, the Dermapen is applied, producing an initial stimulation and activation of scalp cells and hair follicles. Next, PRP is applied to the scalp through microinjections directly into the area where thinning and/or hair loss is observed. Growth factors from platelet rich plasma activates the hair root, improving hair quality.



Getting the Maximum Benefit Viviscal Professional supplements promote existing hair growth in four stages over a six month period. Many users notice a difference in as little as three months. Viviscal Professional products can be purchased in our office and online.

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