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Men have become a rapidly growing segment of the aesthetic industry. An increasing importance in appearance for men has led to their interest in non-surgical procedures and laser-based aesthetic services. Aesthetic experts project that men’s services will increasingly grow in popularity over the next few years. From general “manscaping” to fillers to laser hair reduction, men have a lot of options when it comes to their aesthetic choices.

Some of the most common treatments men enjoy are:

BOTOX  Women aren’t the only people concerned with aging and more men are turning to Botox to help erase fine lines and wrinkles in the face. Men dealing with hyperhidrosis are also seeking Botox to help control excessive perspiration. A single treatment can help reduce sweat for up to six to eight months and has no negative side effects.

KYBELLA  We know you guys hate the double chin! This injectable is successful in improving the appearance of the double chin by destroying the fat cells. Many patients see visible results in two to four treatments and retreatment is not expected. In addition, Kybella is already being studied on other parts of the body, so this injectable has a lot of potential!

FILLER  Men seem to get good results from the contouring under the eyes with fillers because they often are troubled with more pronounced hollows under the eyes. Many are also using fillers for creases in the ears, chin area, and acne scars.

LASER HAIR REDUCTION  While laser hair reduction works best on fair skin and dark hair, men who fit the category are turning to this treatment to reduce hair in many areas, such as the face, chest, and back. Men also opt for waxing as another way to remove hair from their ears, eyebrows and nose.

IPL  Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a great solution for red or brown spots, broken capillaries, and pigmented lesions. This treatment is also ideal for rosacea, freckles, and light lines and wrinkles.

ULTHERA  This skin-tightening procedure is becoming a favorite for men wanting to tighten slack, loose skin around the jawline and neck. Results can be easily maintained and there’s little discomfort involved in the treatments.

MICRODERMS AND CHEMICAL PEELS  Men look to these treatments to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells from their faces causes by razor burn, occasional acne, and sun damage. In addition, these treatments also help correct unevenness in the skin, such as dull patches or dark spots.

BODY TONING/CONTOURING  We have body contouring options for those wanting treatment, CoolSculpting and Vanquish are ideal for the man who is concerned about love handles and body fat, and more men are doing these treatments than ever before! CoolSculpting is a process that freezes the fat cells, eliminating them in a safe, non-invasive way. We also have the CoolMini which treats the area around the neck, helping to eliminate the double chin.

Another body contouring treatment available at Hull Aesthetics is Vanquish. This non-invasive fat removal procedure uses radio frequency to eliminate the fat cells. Treatment locations include the stomach, arms, and legs. The procedure is comfortable and you can relax while unwanted fat is being destroyed.

Either treatment is perfect for the man who is in shape and exercises but has a trouble spot.

TATTOO REMOVAL  Whether for business or personal reasons, many men are shedding their tattoos. Our PicoWay laser delivers energy to the ink in ultra-short pulses that result in a faster treatment with less discomfort. This laser works on a wide range of colors and skin types.

THINNING HAIR  Many men hate their thinning hair and we offer several methods to combat this problem. We have the complete Viviscal Professional hair growth supplement as well as our Dermapen with PRP.

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