Hezell Montoya

Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Hezell Montoya

Hezell is a Licensed Medical Aesthetician and a Licensed Massage Therapist with over seven years of progressive experience. For over two years, Hezell attended one of the most prestigious universities in Colombia. After moving to Arkansas, she went to a community college for three years before deciding to obtain her license as a massage therapist. Originally from Colombia, a leader in the South American beauty industry, she has a tremendous passion to learn everything related to the medical beauty industry. She travels to Colombia annually, using her trip as an opportunity to learn about the latest advances in the medical aesthetic industry, as well as new and innovative beauty treatments.

Hezell’s philosophy of treating her patients is a holistic approach, focusing on achieving excellence through alternative treatments we have available in our clinic. Her goal is to educate her patients as she believes that a well-educated and informed patient will make the best decisions to meet his or her expectations. Hezell tells her patients “if you look good, I feel better because you are reaching your goals.” Their success gives her fulfillment and a sense of reward. Hezell comes from a close family with deep values of love, integrity, and the appreciation of health and beauty. She applies these values in any decision she has to make when treating her patients.

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