Audrey Glidewell

Product Specialist

Audrey Glidewell

Born in Springdale, Arkansas and raised as a Bentonville Tiger k-12, believe it or not, I hadn’t always had a passion for what I do now.

As a kid growing up, I had a lot of responsibilities when it came to raising animals. Along with my twin brother and older sister, we got along playing in the fields while also attending to our horses, chickens, rabbits, cats, and dogs. Yes, I was a farm girl. However, I did not go down the cowgirl path as my mom had hoped, rather, I really enjoyed my Sunday mornings watching Bob Ross. That’s right, I enjoyed art! This was the first step that next led me to spend 10 years in the cosmetic field. My intentions were to go in as a makeup artist, which I became, but I also became aware of how makeup looked or how makeup applied when placed on dull or unhealthy skin. This discovery really peaked my interest! I quickly learned how the skin works, both in general and with products. I became an ingredient junkie and I wanted to know more!

13 years down the road and my true passion is skin, how it works, and how products literally feed it. I have said over and over that the skin is the largest organ in the body. It is our coat and it is there to protect us! This is why I get so in depth when introducing skincare to my patients. I will never sell you a moisturizer or cleanser, rather I will educate you on what YOU need as well as catering to your skincare wants. You will always leave my care more educated, more comfortable, and more satisfied.

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