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What Is Ultherapy®?

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By Shannon Ceballos, Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Ultherapy (ul-therapy, ultrasound therapy) is a non-invasive, no downtime way to lift aging skin on the forehead, face, neck – and now on the chest! It uses ultrasound to not only deliver the treatment, but to allow the provider to see the tissue to be treated. It is truly a one of a kind treatment, because no other device allows us to see and deliver all at the same time. Generally, only one treatment is needed to obtain benefits. Best part, it lasts about two years!

Because it uses ultrasound energy, this treatment is completely safe. The technology has been around for several years, and is still used in the medical field, but in 2009, it was harnessed and re-structured for cosmetic use. It was first used for treating the eyebrows, and as time has passed, Ultherapy continues to be ahead of the curve and has gained indications from the FDA for treatment of the eyebrows, face, neck, and now the chest. It is the ONLY treatment for lifting of lax skin in these areas.

Candidates for Ultherapy are typically between 35 and 65 years of age with mild to moderate skin laxity. If you have severe laxity, you can still receive an Ultherapy treatment, but multiple treatments may be required to get the desired result.

This is one of my favorite treatments in the office because it truly can be done on a lunch hour (and nobody will know you’ve had anything done!). The results can be immediate, but will continue to improve for 6 months. The results are noticeable and subtle all at the same time. People will start to compliment you and not know why you look better, but know that you just do.

I am especially excited about the new indication for treating the chest. As women become more aware of taking care of their face and neck, the chest can be forgotten. There are great peels and products for this area to help with sun damage, but there hasn’t been an effective treatment for crinkly skin on the decolletage. The skin here can be so thin that it ages rapidly, making it more prone to lines and wrinkles. Sleeping on your side can also emphasize any issues.

In May 2013, I became a Clinical Educator for Ulthera and have had the wonderful opportunity to travel the country and train doctors and providers how to use the device and master the treatment to deliver safe, effective, and comfortable results. Hull Dermatology and Aesthetics was the first practice in Northwest Arkansas to offer Ultherapy, and we are so excited to now offer the decolletage treatment!

If Ultherapy sounds right for you, schedule your complimentary consultation. Mention this blog post and receive 10% off your treatment.

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