What’s In Your Summer Skincare Toolbox?

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With summer fast approaching, its time to discuss the tools you need to prevent, protect, and perfect your skin. These products are your summer essentials to keep your skin healthy while still having fun in the sun!  (I don’t do a lot of product-pushing on my patients, but I do have some products that I personally can’t live without.)


 1.   Cleanser

ceraveAll good skin care regimens start with a great foundation. CeraVe makes a fantastic facial cleanser that isn’t too drying and still gets your face clean and fresh. There are two types: Foaming and Moisturizing. The foaming wash is for those of you with an oily face, while the moisturizing wash is for those with drier skin. This product is fantastic for skin of all ages, types, and skin conditions.

2.   Moisturizer

SCS032_l There are so many products on the market these days that have fabulous sunscreens built right in. One in particular is SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense. This product has a slight tint to it, making it great to wear alone on those days at the lake or by the pool, yet still has an SPF 50 for full UV protection.

3.   Sunscreen

blue-lizardAs our days at the lake and pool draw nearer, we need to stock up on our sun protection. My sunscreen of choice is Blue Lizard. This sunscreen gives you full coverage protection with an SPF 30. It is great for extended wear and allows you to enjoy your time outdoors without worrying about the harmful effects of the sun. Don’t forget, all sunscreens need to be reapplied after two hours!

 4.   Lytera Skin Brightening Complex

SkinMedicaPR_introducing-lytera-skin-brightening-complexThis product is difficult to put in its own category, mainly because it does so many different things. This product is my new favorite obsession! Lytera is a multi-modal product that offers the skin lightening capabilities of prescription creams without the prescription! I HAD numerous brown spots, sun damage, and freckles on my face from my years trying to be as tan as my friends. This product erased those spots without all the dryness and flaking that some other products can cause. Not only does it treat existing spots, but it also prevents new spots from occurring. It’s a MUST HAVE!

 6.   Sunless Tanner

images This product is for all you girls out there, like me, who have the inability to tan or don’t want to undergo the sun damage associated with UV rays. St. Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse is great for those occasions when you want to add a little color without the commitment. It’s easy to use in the comfort of your own home. I also love it because you can see where you have already put the product, which helps to avoid streaking. You can get this product online or at the popular beauty stores.

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So go stock up on your summer essentials. You can’t go wrong with any of these products. This is Key!







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