May is Melanoma Awareness Month

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This next report is shocking to me!

So, it was recently reported that melanoma survivors may not be taking the steps necessary to protect themselves from sun exposure.  One quarter of melanoma survivors go without sunscreen, and even continue to use the tanning bed.  Reports have even shown that only 15% of survivors stay in the shade while 27% never use sunscreen. This is mind-boggling! People, if you are a melanoma survivor your chances of having another melanoma are 9x greater than the average non-melanoma patient. Using a tanning bed can increase your chances of being diagnosed with melanoma by 75%…. yes, 75%! And that is not just for melanoma survivors, that is for anyone.

A little bit of good ol’ Vitamin D from the sun never hurt anyone, but obtain it in small doses. Avoid the hottest parts of the day, and limit your exposure time to no more than 10 minutes without protection. For those of you who just “want a little color”, there are so many fabulous self-tanning products and spray tanning facilities to fulfill that need.melanoma awareness

With May being Melanoma Awareness month, there are many great and FREE opportunities to get your skin checked out. On Melanoma Monday, May 6th, I will be having a free skin cancer screening from 3-5pm. This is the perfect opportunity to have that spot you have been wondering about looked at.

So get out on May 6th and raise awareness for melanoma! This is Key!

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