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Today I am going to be steering off the usual course of topics; away from the eczema and the warts. This week I am going to fill you guys in ARAPA, or the Arkansas Academy of Physician Assistants. This past weekend I attended the ARAPA continuing education conference in Little Rock. It was a great experience full of educational topics, round table discussions, and networking.

So you are now asking yourself, “Why should I care about this organization?”  Well, here is your answer.

ARAPA is the Arkansas chapter of physician assistants. This group is pushing the “hard topics” and legislation necessary for us as PAs to do our jobs. It’s really easy to get in your car every morning and go to work. Who allows us as PAs to do this? ARAPA. ARAPA members make sure our voices are heard in state board meetings. ARAPA was the entity that pushed for an increase in the physician-to-PA ratio to 1 physician per 3 PAs, and also the ones currently pushing to amend the “60 minute rule”- the rule stating that our supervising physician must be within 60 minutes of where we are practicing.

So you are still asking yourself, “What does this have to do to me?” And without further ado, your answer: as the increase of PAs continues in our state, you as the patient have a direct benefit in many different aspects. The most important being, the more practitioners there may be in an area, the easier and quicker it is for you to get into our offices – thus, the more happy faces we get in return! ARAPA is making our job as PAs easy. All we have to do is get in our car and show up for work.

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So this blog post is to give a “shout out” to ARAPA and their hard work. The other important part of this is to urge PAs in my state to join ARAPA. By being a member of ARAPA, you are directly contributing to the future of our profession.

Take pride in your profession! No matter what your job may be, get involved. Your involvement makes a difference! This is Key…



*Disclosure: Yes, I am the current President Elect of ARAPA. No, I am not doing this as a pat on my own back (I just got elected.)


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