NJ Bans Minors From Tanning Beds


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From the Dermatology Times®:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law a bill that prohibits minors under age 17 from using indoor tanning facilities, and bars minors under age 14 from using spray tanning procedures.

Assembly Bill 2142 requires minors over age 17 to bring a parent or guardian to tanning facilities for a consultation if the minor wants to tan. In a statement, Gov. Christie said the legislation was the result of an incident in which a parent brought a child into a tanning facility.  The tanning salon that allowed the child inside was fined.

“Confidence in the current laws, rather than a rush to add new and perhaps unnecessary provisions, would have seemed the appropriate legislative response,” Gov. Christie stated. “Nonetheless, I sign this bill because of the documented and well-understood risks associated with misuse of indoor tanning systems.”

The American Academy of Dermatology praised the bill’s passage.  “Through national media coverage and reality television, attention has been drawn to the use of indoor tanning devices in New Jersey,” Dirk Elston, M.D., AAD president, said in a news release.  “This legislation highlights an important step in changing unhealthy behaviors and sends a strong message from the state that tanning is a dangerous behavior and should be avoided.”

New Jersey’s new law goes into effect Oct. 1.


The risks associated with UV exposure, including that from tanning beds, are well documented.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has assigned tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category: “carcinogenic to humans.”  Do you think Arkansas should adopt the same legislation?  Share your comments with us below.

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