An Aspirin A Day May Keep the Dermatologist Away!

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First, I would like to welcome you all to my very first blog post! I am excited to be bringing you guys information from the wide world of dermatology and aesthetics. It has always been an aspiration of mine to become as knowledgable as possible in my specialty, so not only are you all learning from these blogs, but I am too. So enough of the chit chat and on with the news!!

I recently read an article discussing the affects of aspirin on our risk of acquiring melanoma. ABC news recently reported that “regular doses of aspirin may help to lower the risk of melanoma in some women.” A recent study followed 60,000 Caucasian women 50-79 years of age and notice during a 12 year span, 548 women developed melanoma, but those who took aspirin twice a week had a 21% lower risk of developing melanoma. The longer the women stayed on the aspirin, the lower the risk became.

So not only does an aspirin a day help to maintain good cardiovascular health, it also can help to reduce your risk for melanoma. If you are already taking an aspirin a day, way to go! If you would like to start adding this medication to your daily routine, please discuss it with your physician first. Keep on the look out for any side effects that may occur once starting your regimen.

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Aspirin, unfortunately, is one of the main causes for drug allergies that I see daily in clinic. If you notice any changes, let your physician know.

Stayed tuned next Wednesday for another post. This is Key!



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