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Warning Issued About Spray-On Sunscreen

Spray-On Sunscreen Recalled Due To Fire Danger

The AP (10/20) reported, “The maker of Banana Boat sunscreen is recalling some of its spray-on products after reports that a handful of people have caught on fire after applying the lotion and coming in contact with an open flame.” On Oct. 19, Energizer Holdings announced that “it is pulling 23 varieties of Banana Boat UltraMist sunscreen off store shelves because of the risk of the lotion igniting when exposed to fire.” Included in the recall are “aerosol products like UltraMist Sport, UltraMist Ultra Defense and UltraMist Kids.” Darrell Rigel, MD, of New York University and past president of the American Academy of Dermatology, “pointed out that the flammable ingredients in aerosol, including alcohol, are common to many products, such as hairspray and spray-on deodorants.” He said, “I think you just have to use common sense and not be near an open fire when you put on aerosol anything.”         The Arizona Republic (10/22, Sanchez) reports, “The Food and Drug Administration acknowledges there is alcohol in these spray sunscreen products. In a statement, Energizer Holdings said the problem appears to be with the products’ spray valve.” Consumers using the product “may overapply the product, and, as a result, the sunscreen takes longer to dry, which raises the risk of flammability.”         In the Seattle Times (10/21) “The Wrap” column, Ron Judd observed, “Five cases of burns have been reported in the past year — all by people who failed to read the clear warning about keeping the sunscreen away from ‘sources of ignition.'” Reuters (10/20, Wohl) also covered the story.

MelaFind® to be featured on “The Doctors” on Tuesday, October 23!

CBS’ “The Doctors”

MelaFind®, our new Melanoma Detection Tool, will be featured on the CBS daytime show “The Doctors” on Tuesday, October 23. 

Dermatologist Dr. Glynis Ablon of Los Angeles will be featured, speaking about MelaFind and how it has helped in her clinical practice.  She will also demonstrate the use of MelaFind on a patient.  We urge you to watch or record this episode to learn more about this amazing tool and how it is helping people just like you catch melanoma early and avoid unnecessary biopsies!

Our very own Dr. Cheryl Hull contributed research to a study that led to the FDA-clearance of this cutting-edge technology.  We are so pleased to offer this service to our patients and to the families of northwest Arkansas.  MelaFind is affordable, convenient, painless and just may save your life.  Call us today to schedule your MelaFind session!





Randi to Attend AIIC Specialty Advanced Hands-On Training Seminar

October 5-8, 2012

AIIC, Arlington, Texas

Randi Saunders, Licensed Aesthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist, will be attending the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics (AIIC) in Arlington, Texas to receive the very latest information about the art and science of permanent cosmetics during an intensive hands-on training conference.  As a result she will achieve Masters and Instructors Certification.

Randi will be offering Areola Tattooing, Hairline Strokes, and Natural Lip and Lash Enhancement in addition to her other Permanent Makeup services.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Randi will be offering $50 off all Permanent Makeup and Paramedical Tattooing (areola) during the month of October.

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