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Hull Dermatology Now Offering MelaFind®!

We’re excited about offering our patients a revolutionary new diagnostic tool, designed by and for dermatologists to SEE into the skin to help diagnose Malignant Melanoma! MelaFind® is the first FDA-approved device of its kind with a high sensitivity in detecting early melanoma.

MelaFind is a great addition to the skin cancer detection and prevention services offered at Hull Dermatology.   This non-invasive procedure aids in the diagnosis of melanoma and atypical moles. It is a great way to determine the abnormality of your mole(s), saving you from unnecessary biopsy.  Your information will be saved, so that any changes in your moles can be compared to your MelaFind baseline during future examinations.

Dr. Hull will be discussing this advanced technology at our Annual Open House on November 1st at 6pm.  With three providers on staff, you can schedule your MelaFind appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.   

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